Gorgon: A Horror Story

Creating a toe-curling atmosphere for this immersive piece of theatre. Using sound to build a thrilling and memorable experience for every single audience member to Elf Lyons' hit horror show.


Broadway World UK

"Gorgon: A Horror Story is an evocative, terrifying play that meddles with the audience's perception of the genre turning the spook factor up to the max."

Comedy to Watch

"For all the parallels that film critics like to draw between the visceral aspects of comedy and horror, it’s rarely pulled off, or at least not in such a balanced way as Lyons manages here.”

British Theatre

"The result is sick, disgusting and as darkly funny as it’s possible to get, guaranteed to delight fans of classic horror."

What is Gorgon: A Horror Story?

Gorgon is an interactive play written by Elf Lyons. It includes jump scares and a bit of well-placed gore. Think texas chainsaw massacre meets medusa. You’ll scream or be sick – that’s the aim!

The synopsis? A taxidermist loses her temper and decides to experiment with the human form…

Who is Elf Lyons?

Elf Lyons is an award-winning comedian, writer, and theatre practitioner. She’s gained a cult reputation as one of the most innovative performers on the UK comedy circuit.

She’s been featured in VOGUE as one of the ‘Top Names of Now.’ She’s been the cover star of The Observer and The Sunday Times Culture Magazine and has written for many worldwide publications on subjects as diverse as polyamory and economics.

How was Gorgon Made?

For her latest project, Elf was inspired by the Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol. She wanted to create an immersive horror show that thrilled and inspired audience members.

This relied heavily on horror tricks and live sound foley.

That’s why she approached award-winning composer Molly Isaac…

How to Write an Award-Winning Horror Soundtrack.

Molly Isaac created a world of experimental sound and noise that made audience members’ hairs stand on end.

Accompanied by Live Foley design, Molly focused on taking every day sounds and turning them into grotesque and reformed noises, making everyone in the room feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

Her combination of electronic synthesisers and experimental audio design, created an atmosphere to make you curl away from what was about to happen.

It’s no surprise that so many audience members regretted sitting in the front row of Gorgon: A Horror Story.

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