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School Painting

I spent a summer painting and decorating a local school library with various characters and scenery from popular children’s books. Yeah…a little bit different from the rest of the stuff on this website but why not show off this work!

Not just any School Library….my old school library. So that was 3 weeks of ‘no never it’s not you molly!?‘ and,  ‘you’re much taller than I remember‘…well I hope so, I was 4/5 years old when I attended there.

We have a large tractor shed where we drew up the original stencils to sellotape on the wall and draw around, we weren’t taking any risks and painting before we had everything set out correctly.

Along with my dad, it took us around 3 weeks to paint the wall, luckily finishing a few days before term ended…that would have been awkward…but it was done!

Let’s just hope they don’t change their mind and hire us to paint over it all again.

Characters included Roald Dahl, The Lost Boy, Winnie the Witch, The Snail and the Whale and most iconically the Gruffalo. there were also characters that I had never heard of…it made me feel really old to be remembering my favorite book characters and seeing about 2 of them on the wall.

Do you have a wall that needs painting? If you want to find out more then please get in touch! Head over to my contact page to send me a message!


Pictures speak a little louder than words on this kind of project so have a look below to see the creation come to life!

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