home sweet home

Home Sweet Home is a short insight into a married couples lives over the course of an evening of planned romance.

With only the remnants of their existence on this night, as their conversations echo through each room, like memories embedded in the walls. No matter how inviting and warm you decorate your home, you cannot paint over the memories...

A story of loss and heartbreak, this was a challenge for the horror soundtrack designer but the stunning visuals deserved a score that would tug at the heartstrings of anyone watching.

 Due to no actors being on screen, Molly was able to push the score through the mix, deciding to have the voices echo through the ’empty’  house so that the main focus was on the powerful images. 

This score longs for a romance that is gone,  as they are trapped reliving events of the past. 

Watch now or have a listen below to the track on its own.