Gorgon: A Horror Story is an evocative, terrifying play that meddles with the audience's perception of the genre turning the spook factor up to the max.


The result is sick, disgusting and as darkly funny as it’s possible to get, guaranteed to delight fans of classic horror.


The use of sound in this piece is superb...The design starts telling the story even before the actors take the stage. Sophia Pardon (designer), Lesley Talbot (lighting) and Molly Isaac (sound) have created an atmospheric world in which this dark tale unfolds.

And that was only the beginning...

Molly Isaac had the pleasure to work as SOUND DESIGNER on GORGON: A horror Story where she created a world of experimental sound and noise to make your hairs stand on end.

Accompanied by Live Foley design, Molly focused on taking every day sounds and turning them into grotesque and reformed noises, making everyone in the room feel uneasy and uncomfortable. 

Her combination of electronic synthesisers and experimental audio design, created an atmosphere to make you curl away from what was about to happen.

Maybe now you regret  sitting in the front row…

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