Downfall is an incredibly impressive sci-fi Horror film that needed a rising soundtrack to suit.

This amazing short film combines special effects, animation and beautiful artistry to create this suspenseful and horror driven story.

Downfall is a live-action VFX short about an astronaut who is injured after escaping from an alien planet. As he crawls from the wreckage of his capsule, he remembers the traumatic events that caused him to crash-land.

Molly designed the main soundtrack for this short, ensuring a polished and fitting sound for this Sci-Fi Horror Short Film.  The soundtrack needed to rise with the story and compliment the Sound Design appropriately, helping the audience experience the the panic and dread as the capsule climbs. 

Watch now or have a listen below to the track on its own.

Bradley Cocksedge (Motion Graphics for Binary State)

Bradley Cocksedge

ROTO + Prep, Comp & Motion Graphics

Stephen Moroz (FX for Binary State)

Stephen Moroz


Matias Heker (Modelling for Binary State)

Matias Heker

Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Look Dev & Rendering