Deluge. A memorable and intimate film of remembrance and loss.

This 2-D animated short film creates an atmosphere with its intricate lighting, colour and soft dramatic cinematography.
Take a moment to fall back into the valuable memory of time spent with a friend.

Molly worked with Trish on the sound design and the music, making sure that they didn’t clash.  

The music needed to be  subtle and non invasive to the piece as a whole, writing the initial base music as diegetic to create the idea of a record playing from the juke box while also adding elements of non diegetic ambiance to aid the rising tension and feeling of confusion within the piece. As the memory progresses, water starts to taint it as a symbol of negativity. Molly used a variety of techniques to ensure the sound replicated that, so that anyone watching would feel the weight of that loss.


Watch now or have a listen below to the track on its own.


Trish Seline Mendiola

Animator and Producer/Project Leader