By the seaside, a girl falls back into a valuable memory of a time spent with her late friend. As the memory progresses, water starts to taint the memory, as a symbol of negativity.

The girl snaps out of her memory, contemplative and heavy with emotions from the loss.

This is a 2D- animated short film about remembrance and coming to terms with her loss. As a memorable and intimate film, Deluge creates an atmosphere with its intricate lighting, its colour, and soft dramatic cinematography, hoping to resonate emotionally with the audience.

Molly worked with Trish on the sound design and the music, making sure that there were no clashes and the music was subtle and non invasive to the piece as a whole, writing the initial base music as diegetic to create the idea of a record playing from the juke box while also adding elements of non diegetic ambiance to aid the rising tension and feeling of confusion within the piece.

Molly’s role in this Project was to create the ambiance and tension throughout the scenes with her music, creating the rises to help the audience engage with the story that is being told. She also assisted with the Sound Design, to help create a more immersive environment for the audience. The story flowed incredibly well but care had to be taken over how the climax of the sound design and music was reached. 


Animator and Producer/Project Leader – Trish Seline Mendiola