Binary State

A suspenseful score for a visually stunning sci-fi film.

Binary State is a visually stunning sci-fi film that needed a suspenseful soundtrack to suit.

This beautiful short film incorporates incredible special effects with beautiful control of the environment. It's technically and visually stunning, keeping the audience in dramatic suspense.

Set in the modern world, Binary State follows a man who has built a machine which lets him live a perfect life. But his perfect life is only in his own simulated world. His real self is so dissatisfied with his own reality that he’s become reliant on the machine. A technical malfunction then causes the machine to overload and his perfect, simulated world begins to collapse around him.

Molly spent time designing the soundtrack for this short, making sure it was appropriate for the Sci-Fi based dramatic short film. Have a listen below to the Track on its own or head over to my blog page to see the process behind the creation!

Bradley Cocksedge (Motion Graphics for Binary State)

Bradley Cocksedge

ROTO + Prep, Comp & Motion Graphics

Stephen Moroz (FX for Binary State)

Stephen Moroz


Matias Heker (Modelling for Binary State)

Matias Heker

Modelling, Texturing, Lighting, Look Dev & Rendering