‘I’m really going for an eerily melancholic vibe and my musical skills just aren’t up to scratch’…good…because I need some more work to do and I’m all about the musical skills, don’t really have many other skills, to be honest, but let’s move on.

The deep-rooted issues of the couple needed to be portrayed but I also wanted a sense of security within the soundscape so it didn’t conflict with the narration going on with the couple.

I aimed to mix my ‘normal’ mystical and ambient style with some piano and more classical instruments. So I went with some super reverb piano mixed with strings and weird ghost noises swirling around, I think it works.

As you can see, I got my wonderful animator Harvey to send me the separate files of the narration and Foley so I could edit it and mix the sounds a little better. It’s always a good idea to get the different layers of sound if the project team doesn’t have a separate sound designer or editor for post-production (this will be very likely in a student-run project, there’s a lot of cases where sound design/music and any other sound is grouped as a singular job…be ready to make that your job it can be a lot of fun)

Split your piano. Some people might frown at that but it definitely helps edit the sound if you’ve got the layers in the simple melodies rather than a clump of sound where you have to search for half an hour for one note that might not fit correctly.

This project was about 8 tracks of my normal sound and then 4 of the melodic and more iconic sounds that filter through.

It really wasn’t a huge project but with the style of the piece, that kind of music wasn’t needed. I didn’t need layer upon layer. I kept it simple…sometimes that is best.