Horror Music

Psychological Haunting Horror

Designed to make you feel  uncomfortable this track  begins  with an ambient atmosphere, building to the harsh change and sudden dread that hits you in the second section. It creates this skin crawling, ambiguous emotional state, where you feel uncomfortable at every turn. 

In this video, we will discuss what the Psychological Haunting sub genre consists of and the sound libraries used within this piece. 

This almost hypnotic sound design is not a track to be listened to at night.


It’s difficult to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for your audience just through sound without the visuals to inspire you to go in a certain direction. 

Through the use of pitch, we will begin to explore how you can use pitch techniques, and the tools provided by Logic X, to your advantage in creating dread and fear in your soundtracks.

Action Horror

How would you act in an Apocalypse? Do you imagine a kickass soundtrack backing your zombie killing spree?

Well this is the sub - genre for you. Watch  the video to explore what the Action sub - genre  actually is and how to create the perfect epic electronic sound.

Do you know how important live instrumentation can be? It can be the difference between a polished, professional track that stands out in the crowd, and a generic, mediocre track that gets lost in the saturated market. 

Here we focus on how live guitar completely changes the sound of this track and what to think about when implementing live instrumentation into your music.

Thriller Horror

The Thriller sub – genre tends to involve an unexpected change in an innocent area of the world, causing fear and terror within the films setting. 

Watch the video opposite to discover classic and modern Thriller films, and how to create the iconic sound associated with this sub – genre.

It can be incredibly difficult to capture the attention of your listeners, but the melody can be such an effective tool to maintain movement in your music. 

There (unfortunately) is not a formula for creating the perfect melody, but there are a few characteristics we can consider when composing a melodic hook within your track.