Molly Isaac is a versatile composer and sound designer.

Molly Isaac is a creative composer and sound designer based just outside London, UK, working on the darker side of sound. She’s known to be fond of horror, continuously evolving her style and experimenting with how far the boundaries of sound can be pushed.

Molly is always looking to put her own unique sonic spin on any project she works on, creating distinctive soundtracks using a mixture of abstract instrumental techniques, synthesisers, sound effects, field recordings and sound manipulation.

As a versatile Composer and Sound Designer, Molly incorporates a wide range of genres into her music to create a new sonic palette for each project. She understands that creating sound in unusual or unknown environments is not always sane or logical.

Someone had to be the first to imagine the sound of an Alien? Nothing is impossible.

Whether it’s Music, Sound Design, Foley or Post production mixing and mastering, Molly will help you tell an unforgettable story.