Molly Isaac is a creative composer and sound musician. She writes custom soundtracks for films and video games.

Winner of Best Sound for UH Animation Exposé 2019, Molly is currently composing for TV and Film, continuing to develop her musical and technological understanding of the Music Industry and the creation of music in media.

Molly Isaac begun her interest in Film Soundtracks when she began studying Music Composition and Technology for Film and Game (BSc) at the University of Hertfordshire. Now, after gaining a First Class degree, Molly looks to continue to develop her experience of the Music Industry and learn more about soundtrack and game asset design.

Molly has worked with many different teams and individual creatives as a Music Composer, Sound Designer and Foley Artist and is continuing to develop her digital and electronic musical style while also exploring how music and technology can connect with an audience or listener.

Her music is continuously evolving, experimenting with how far the boundaries can be pushed. Although her music can tend to fall onto the darker side of sound, Molly’s music looks to morph around the visual, flowing rather than overpowering the scenes within a movie or levels within a game. Always aiming to push the audience to feel a particular emotion and aid the story.

Through her passion and love of music, she hopes that her interpretation of the world in the form of sound can inspire others and help be the driving element of emotion for the visual media.

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