If walls could talk | Home Sweet Home

WATCH HOME SWEET HOME ‘I’m really going for an eerily melancholic vibe and my musical skills just aren’t up to scratch’…good…because I need some more work to do and I’m all about the musical skills, don’t really have many other skills, to be honest, but let’s move on. The deep-rooted issues of the couple needed to be portrayed […]

KAPOW! ZAP! WHAM! | Skyline

Haven’t watched the video? Watch it here!  If its fun to make then go for it. That was pretty much the slogan for this project and I loved it. This team was amazing to work with, it was all about just go with what was enjoyable and it was the best motto to go by […]

World Weirdness | Weltschmerz

Weltschmerz. A German word meaning world-pain or world-weirdness, the depression you feel when the world as it is doesn’t reflect what you think it should be.

The Alternate World | Binary State VFX

Come back soon to watch me go through my Logic Pro X project and see the process I went through when creating the soundtrack for Binary State! This video will be uploaded soon! In the meantime, have a listen to my other work or watch the finished product! CLICK HERE FOR MY SOUNDCLOUD PAGE CLICK […]

Flood of Emotions | Deluge

“This is my first time collaborating with anyone for music on a film piece”….don’t worry it’s my first collaboration as well!

School Painting | The Wall

School Painting I spent a summer painting and decorating a local school library with various characters and scenery from popular children’s books. We have a large tractor shed where we drew up the original stencils to sellotape on the wall and draw around, we weren’t taking any risks and painting before we had everything set out […]