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Need an award-winning soundtrack for your project?

I’ve composed custom music for a wide range of projects. If you need a striking soundtrack to tell your story, get in touch.

Molly Isaac is a musician and composer based in London who helps creators tell stories.

Interested in a bespoke soundtrack for your film, television series or video game?

2020 Music

Live Theatre

Immersive Performance

Molly had the pleasure to work as Sound Designer on GORGON: A Horror Story at The Vault Festival 2020.

Broadway World
British Theatre
Comedy to Watch

My Work

Award-Winning Short Film Soundtrack

Downfall is an impressive sci-fi Horror film that needed a rising soundtrack to suit. Molly’s score won Best Sound at the UH Animation Exposé 2019.

My Work

Custom Event Music

Molly was approached by Hertfordshire Uni to compose a custom piece of music for the Graduate Fashion Show. 


The Conversation

In 80 years of academy awards, women have been nominated just 7 times in music score categories. Where are all the women? Let’s have a conversation.